Olive groves


The Best Selection Process

Oleum12 oils ensure the quality of its products in every part of the oil development process. The first step is the selecting process of the olives. The collecting and selection of the best olives is carried out at the appropriate time of the fruit ripening, so this is how the oil is made at its optimal timing.

The “Cold pressed” method is used, allowing the highest quality and purity of the olive juice – so-called, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In addition to these processes, the olive nature variety is essential for the final product; our olive harvest is Picual, which guarantees the stability of the oil and contains a high content of oleic acid (about 80%). This is the key factor in determining that the olive oil is trustfully healthy for consumers.

The Highest Quality

Other factors that ensure the quality of Oleum12 Oil are the exhaustive care in its production control, and a careful traceability from the collecting until the bottled oil delivery procedure.

This, together with the manufacturing processes that comply with the strictest norms according to the environmental respect, make Oleum12 oil a product of Excellence.


Oleum12 Oil collaborates with a large number of olive farming areas, which allows to collect and select the best olives at the appropriate time of the fruit ripening. Thus, we produce the oil at its optimal timing. We work with the so-called “Cold pressed” method, which allows us to obtain the real millenary juice of the olive, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.