Awards 2021

Oleum12 has presented our EVO Picual Premium to different olive oil competitions, and here are the results!

iberoleum 2021
athenas silver 2021
terraolivo 2021

Awards 2020


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Olive groves,

The Best Selection Process

The first step is the selecting process of the olives. The collecting and selection of the best olives is carried out at the appropriate time of the fruit ripening, so this is how the oil is made at its optimal timing.

Olive tourism,

discover the world of the olive growing culture

Discover the world of olive growing and the olive oil extraction method through a unique experience, and let yourself move through the passion of one of the best oils worldwide.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oleum 12

Oleum XII is born from the excellence that its careful process requires; the so-called elixir from Jaén land, which is a geographical reference worldwide. Its careful style of cultivation, collection as well as “cold extraction” production line identify and fix a perfect balance between the optimization of the ancestral models and agricultural resources, and the most advanced innovative techniques, resulting in this “Millennial Liquid” of high quality, and unmatched flavour and smell.

Careful traditional and organic agriculture, fundamental basis for an olive farm “Picual and Royal variety” that each harvest culminates with a unique EVOO yearly.


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